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Accuturf Micro 1010-1-13Standard Release200-300Soluble homogeneous greens fertiliser with potash and iron. Easily
"washed in" formulation. All nutrients bound in a single particle. K is
Potassium Sulphate.
Accuturf Greens 2424-1-670% Methydure MU220-300Methydure® SRN for a gradual, consistent release with longevity up to 12 to 16 weeks. Potassium Sulphate for a safe reliable source of K and S.TechsheetSDS
Carbon Green9-1-9High carbon with SR Nitrogen+Ca +Mg+Humate250-500Leonardite coal based carbon, high grade potassium humate, a powerful soil conditioner to increse availability of N,P,K +TE. Carbon Green delivers much higher elemental carbon than liquid humates.TechsheetSDS
GreenTurf Gypsum23%Ca 18%SGreens Grade 97% Pure
Prilled Gypsum
For a quick and cost effective application prilled gypsum at a consistent
particle size is crucial. GreenTurf disperses in minutes and breaks down
faster than natural gypsum.
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Accuturf Mini 1414-1-3+3%FeStandard Release220-300Designed for use on tees and close-cut fairways. Mini-sized particles
provide excellent distribution, even at lower application rates.
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Accuturf All Purpose16-2-6 +2.5%Fe60% Ammonium Sulphate 40% Urea + Iron200-300Rapid response Ammonium Sulphate useful when soil temperatures are low. Iron for green up without excess growth.TechsheetSDS
Accuturf Field Pro25-1-5+5%Fe35% Uflexx, 40% Methydure MU280-39075% of the N is slow release from UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen and methylene urea. With all slow release being soluble this fertiliser is ideal for low cut fairways and sportsfields.TechsheetSDS
Accuturf N-Dure
46-0-0100% Stabilised N100-150Stabilised nitrogen, apply at low rateTechsheetSDS
Accuturf N-Dure PrePlant20-12-10Stabilised N + available P and K180-250High analysis fertiliser for establishment or for additional P. 57% stabilised N with available phosphorous for good root development.TechsheetSDS
Accuturf N-Dure Pro 31 LongLife31-2-6LL PCU +Stabilised N for 80% SR.175-25080% SRN as 57% Longlife PCU and 23% stabilised nitrogen. Ideal for sand field application 10 - 12 weeks longevity.TechsheetSDS
Accuturf NitraTurf13-2.6-17+MgCompound all nutrients in one particle120-240A Nitrate and ammonium fertiliser for all season feeding. Particularly effective in colder conditions.Techsheet
Accuturf Pro2222-1-4+3.3%FeAmmonium Sulphate+XCU +Iron180-300Excellent sand field fertiliser with upfront N as SoA. XCU coated urea for longevity. Has 3% Iron for strong colour-up.TechsheetSDS
Accuturf Sport20-0-4+2%FeUrea+XCU+Fe180-25050% XCU polymer coates urea for longevity. No P so use on phosphorous balanced soils. 2% Iron for good green-up.TechsheetSDS
Accuturf Turf Starter18-10-4XCU+SOA+SOP +available P180-300Safe to apply at seeding. Has slow release nitrogen and readily available phosphorous for early root development.TechsheetSDS
Accuturf Uflexx46-0-0100% Stabilised N40-150Stabilised N, apply dry or as a foliar for low rate application.
GreenCal Gypsum97% Gypsum 23% Calcium 18% Sulphur250 sgn Prilled GypsumGreenCal is a cost effective prilled gypsum that disperses in minutes and breaks down faster than natural gypsum.TechsheetSDS


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Accusol Maxx Fe20-0-0+6%Fe 2%MgUflexx stabilised N +EDTA Iron15kg-60kgHighly soluble N with EDTA Iron for spoon feeding greens or strong colour-up pre game or tournament. Good longevity at full rates.Techsheet
Accusol Bent28-2-13Uflexx and SOP with micros15kg-60kgBalanced NPK for foliar feeding greens. Ideal through the season after spring granular feeding with Accuturf Greens 24.Techsheet
Rapture4-0-3N with full range Trace Elements4.54 - 6.8kg (2-3 packs)A superior water-soluble chelated micro-nutrient package for sustained colour respone with readily available nitrogen and potassium for fast green-up.Techsheet
Accuturf Amino-Iron10% Iron EDTA 25% Amino AcidChelated Irom Micronutrients4kg-6kgAmino Iron is a 100% water soluble, chelated Iron micronutrient fertiliser with Amino Acid. Promotes rapid green-up.Techsheet


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MP Brillance20-0-0 6%Fe 1%MgUMAXX stabilised N, Magnesium and Iron sulphate.20L-50LStabilised nitrogen (UMAXX) with iron and magnesium for a longer lasting deep green appearance and growth. Fast green-up makes Greenmaxx ideal for Tournament preparation. Creates a stunning look.Techsheet
MP Nourish10-1-11 + VAMBiologically active liquid to enhance plant vigour and release soil nutrients40-60L
Feeds turf with balanced NPK, formulated with VM3 organics and VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas). VAM is a beneficial symbiotic fungi that can colonise up to 80% of the turf root mass.Techsheet
MP Roots5-3-5 +.35%Si + VAMBiologically active organic liquid to enhance plant vigour and release soil nutrients20-40L
MP ROOTS delivers freely available Phosphorus to stimulate root growth and correct deficiency fast. It is formulated with VM3 organics and added VAM.The fungal hyphae produced by VAM grow out into the soil medium further than the root hairs themselves, enhancing access to ordinarily unavailable soil nutrient. Techsheet
MP Reinforce3% Si from Monosilicic Acid (MSA)MP REINFORCE® delivers the most highly available form of silica available (MSA). MSA is now often classified as a bio-stimulant rather than a turf fertiliser. 10-20L
Enhances Soil & Plant Health, Monosilicic Acid (MSA) is the most plant available form of silicon
reinforcing plant tissues to strengthen against traffic and wear, while stimulating the plant immune system. It increases soil microbial activity, improving the uptake of Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Calcium and other essential nutrients
MP Safe N28 – 0 – 0 + VM3MP SAFE N is a specially formulated
stabilised liquid nitrogenous fertiliser that is
delivered to plants in a protein form derived
from microbial fermentation.
Protein based turf safe nitrogen featuring plant available nitrogen activated with beneficial biology. Optimal pH to maximise foliar uptake in a soil stable formulation containing plant and root stimulants and trace minerals. Safe to tank mix with the MP Superior Liquid Range.Techsheet
GMX TripleSil

15%K, 30% Si + Humic & Fulvic AcidsConcentrated Silica and Potassium2L-3LSupply silica and potassium to assist in turf hardening, wear resistance and health. Silica has an association with calcium in cell walls to strengthen and "stand-up" turf.Techsheet
GMX Organic Plus
2-1-3NPK+ Humic and Fulvic Acids Seaweed30L-100LCombination of organic substances to promote biodiversity, nutrient and water retention. Promote larger root systems. The combination of seaweed, soluble humic acids, amino acids, protein and crbohydrates make Organic Plus the complete organic conditioner.Techsheet
Accusol Chelated Iron7% Iron as EDTA Complex20L-50LChelated Iron is formulated provide available iron when applied to the soil profile and leaf surface. Will create aditional chlorophyll production giving a longer lasting deep green appearance.
AzoPro TurfSoil Microbial Inoculum2LRoot growth stimulator for turf that contains Azospirillum brasilense, a rhizobacteria to improve the supply and uptake of nutrients and assist in retention of applied nitrogen.Techsheet
PK-Super0-23-43Liquid Phosphite40L-60LPhosphite is useful to apply prior to periods of stress. Recognised as having anti-fungal effects particularly towards anthracnose.
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Displace12%CaCalcium Malate20L-30LGRIGG™ Displace® is readily available calcium and a soil surfactant
formulated to rapidly displace sodium from the soil and add calcium for
improved soil structure and water infiltration. Displace is a great tool for
critical areas where sodium may accumulate.
Gary's Green18-3-4+Fe + MicrosAmmonium,
Nitrate & Urea
Phosphoric Acid
15L-30LGRIGG™ Gary’s Green® is designed to provide an efficient form of foliar
absorbed nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients.
Promote consistent turfgrass growth, recovery and vigor at golf and
sports turf sites.
P-K Plus3-7-18 +14%PhosphitePhosphite20LGRIGG™ P-K Plus® provides phosphite, derived from potassium
phosphite (K2HPO3) for plant health and phosphate for increased energy
transfer and root development, with potassium for cell strength and
SpaintSports turf
30L-60LGRIGG™ Spaint® provides a natural green colour to any sports turf
surface. Durable and long lasting, ideal for sports fields because it dries
fast and stands up to traffic. Can be used in Divot mixes.
Seven Iron Greens Grade7-3-6NPK+7%Fe +
300kgMulti-purpose, starter, pre-plant, and soil conditioning fertiliser designed
for use in all seasons. GRIGG™ Seven Iron™ contains 7% iron in both
quick and slow release forms. Iron sulphate provides a more immediate
release, iron sucrate maintains long-term colour.
Turf Rally16-2-7NPK +Minors200kg - 300kgFormulated to produce a controlled and lasting colour response. Turf
Rally conditions and improves nutrient depleted soils and is formulated
to be ground water safe.